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International Association

of Kambo Practitioners

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The IAKP are a group of practitioners and other interested parties who seek to support and encourage the safe, responsible and legal use of Kambo through training, awareness raising, knowledge development and sharing, research, professional behaviour and best practice.


Thus far the use of Kambo has been unregulated. Although often wrongly classified as a hallucinogenic on the internet, it has escaped the usual legislation and restrictions applied to other medicines from the Amazon rainforest.  The founding of the International Association of Kambo Practitioners, (IAKP) is driven by the desire to see this situation continue. As a regulating body for Kambo Practitioners outside of the Amazon rainforest, we work to support all traditions and lineages of Kambo treatment providers. Our Code of Practice lays down guidelines for the safe and responsible use of Kambo. The impeccable behaviour and thorough training of our practitioners and the way they work gives security and confidence to users.


Our website is a source/body of knowledge with links to research, contributions from top practitioners, how to find a trained practitioner, training courses and general information about Kambo. Our Practitioner knowledge base, the KPBase, is only open to current members of the IAKP with Practitioner level membership or above.


As a not for profit organisation, the IAKP are committed to ensuring the sustainability of the tribes who own the knowledge of this great medicine and who share it with us so generously. The IAKP, along with other key participants are currently working to provide better educational resources and health care to the remote communities of the Matses tribe of Peru. This exciting and important project was launched in 2016 and since then has gone from strength to strength.

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