International Association of Kambo Practitioners


Opening the Gate

Welcome to the IAKP – International Association of Kambo Practitioners, the pioneering organisation that brings the ancient indigenous healing practice of Kambo from the Amazon rainforest.

Safe, responsible, ethical, and sustainable use of Kambo shine from the green heart of our ethos. We recognise the importance of this, and we aim to give back to the forest and indigenous peoples of the Amazon that so generously share their knowledge with us.

We offer Basic, Advanced, and Kambo Teacher Training courses in addition to a unique Master Kambo Practitioner Mentoring Program. From 1-1 to large groups our Kambo Training courses are available in the UK, Germany, Europe, Mexico, Bali, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA, with many more locations coming soon.

Our comprehensive training ensure that practitioners receive the education they need to safely and properly administer Kambo. We provide accurate and up-to-date information about the history and origins of Kambo, its traditional use, application techniques, safety, contraindications, and scientific knowledge through continuous research.

IAKP teachers guide students to cultivate a profound comprehension and reverence for this potent natural modality. By enriching and forging connections with the intelligence and spirit of Kambo, our training courses enable practitioners to embrace personal growth, embark on a voyage of self-discovery, and engage in selfless service to others through the safe application of Kambo.

We are proud to support the largest community of Kambo Practitioners on the planet.

If you are seeking a progressive Kambo training association that values safety, integrity, connection, and transformation, look no further than the IAKP. We bridge the divide between the traditional stick and the space of modern understanding. The essence of our Kambo Practitioner Training is a lineage developed by our founder that extends far back into the Amazon rainforest and far beyond the written word! Join us to learn from the world’s first Kambo training association and the originators of the 3×3 Warrior initiation, Layered and Chakra treatments and test point techniques. Don’t settle for a facsimile! Embark on a transformative journey, guided by experts, and supported by an ever-growing vibrant community, as you open the gates to the immense power of Kambo!


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