Hi everyone. Much thanks and gratitude for allowing me to introduce myself. It is said that the Spirit of the frog calls you. That was exactly how it felt to me. I actually had no intention of every taking Kambo, let alone be a practitioner. I came across information on kambo when I was researching my trip to the jungle of Peru in 2013. I saw a documentary by Bruce Perry on kambo and I said to myself, “I am never doing that. That is crazy shit.”

But one year later, the medicine called in such a strong way, I knew that to resist would be torture. It was quite curious to me, that first time I took kambo. I felt I knew things about this medicine. I felt so comfortable with it. It felt like an old friend. That was when I knew I had to find a way to work with Kambo.

I thought I would have to go to the jungle for training but after some research, I came across the IAKP and immediately wrote to Karen asking to be in the next training in Portugal. That training was full but there was one opening in Poland and I immediately signed up. I feel eternally grateful to Karen and this amazing organization she and the frog created.

The training was intense and everyday Karen pushed me out of my comfort zone but I could see the brilliance behind it and the profound transformation it initiated. When I left Poland I felt fully connected to the spirit of kambo, capable of holding space and keeping my clients safe, and especially in no fear of working with kambo. In the course of literally 5 months from the first time I took kambo to training, my life made a 180 degree turn and I never looked back.

My journey with this sometimes pushy little frog has been one of adventure, surprise, compassion, sometimes disappointment, sometimes great joy. It is very true that Kambo is “The Great Revealer”. And many times it reveals things to me that are hard to accept but always in my best interest. The Spirit of Kambo is a great teacher and I feel beyond blessed.

Currently, I hold kambo circles in the Seattle area. I am now a Master Practitioner and will complete my Teacher’s training in September.
I have worked with many different types of clients with different types of conditions and issues. I have seen how this medicine opens the veil to reveal our unprocessed emotional issues which I believe contribute to our physical conditions. In the past year, I have assisted Karen in training new practitioners in the USA, which I absolutely love. Zig Zigler, a motivational speaker, said “If you want to be successful, help make other people successful”. That is my goal and commitment, as I work with new practitioners, that I can help them be successful and do their best work as kambo practitioners.

I also host a radio show called “Kambo Talk” on the Transformation Talk Radio station. I am a transformational life coach and studying Yuan Tze Ren Xue, a method of personal development through pattern and program replacement.