Hi all, I have been working with Kambo since April 2016, when I first heeded the call of the frog. My first experience sitting with Kambo caused such a deep internal healing for me that I became instantly dedicated to offering this potent remedy to as many people as I could reach. I began my kambo career assisting my mentor, Ginny Rutherford, with kambo ceremonies for 6 months, after which I attended the IAKP training and initiation in September 2016 with Karen..

I continue to serve my purpose as a remedy spiritualist by offering kambo to help facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Since Oct 1, 2016 I have given over 40 independant Kambo treatments and have led 20 ceremonies.

My passion to inspire social wellness aligns beautifully with spirit remedies such as Kambo. I live in Portland, OR in the USA, where I offer both private treatments, and three day ceremonies every full moon and new moon.