Hi everyone, I am incredibly honoured to be given the opportunity to be introduced to the tribe in this way.

When I attended my first Kambo circle with Karen, around 4 years ago, I had no idea of how dramatically my life would change, in fact I was extremely sceptical of the whole thing. A very dear friend told me that she was going to experience Kambo and asked if I wanted to join the circle, I thought it all sounded so crazy. However, I decided I wanted to join partly as I thought “maybe it’ll be a good physical detox”, but also to make sure my friend was safe and wasn’t about to disappear off into some bizarre frog cult.

The circle was a beautiful bonding experience and I felt the positive effects very strongly right from the next day. The shifts that were taking place were too profound to ignore, or to put down to something else. This sparked my interest, letting me know that there was something happening with this medicine that definitely wasn’t a placebo. My subsequent treatments, spread over 7-9 months taught me much more about the process. Opening me up from seeing Kambo purely as a physical detox, to recognising it as the truly holistic medicine it is.

When Karen invited me to join the first ever practitioner course, taking place the following year, I felt a strong call to join. However, I wasn’t working in anything related to healing work and I definitely wasn’t looking to change career. Friends were a little confused that I was even considering this change of direction and so I didn’t respond to the call. Eventually all the spaces on the course filled up and I decided that I obviously wasn’t meant to do it.

A few short months before the course was due to start, I attended another of Karen’s circles in London. Karen didn’t have an assistant with her so she asked if I would be interested in receiving my treatment last and giving a bit of extra support to the group. I was happy to assist. It was such an honour to be there offering my support to people during their processes. After the circle Karen asked me again if I was interested in joining the upcoming course, pointing out that someone had just dropped out, meaning there was one space still available. So, with the support of my partner Clare, three months later I found myself in Portugal starting to learn to work with the medicine.

As part of the training, the first person I had to put medicine on was myself. I shut myself away in a bathroom and did my first self-treatment. This was and still is one of the most profound treatments I ever experienced. During this treatment I felt as if I was being held by strong loving arms. Wave after wave of love and gratitude washed through me. I felt vulnerable, open and at the same time strengthened and supported. From this moment any fears I had about whether I could, or should put other people through the process disappeared. I witnessed just how beautiful and deeply healing this process is. Those few weeks in Portugal were truly life changing.

When I returned home I knew I had found what I needed to do with my life. I agreed with Clare that I was going to start saying “no” to work that was purely for money and dedicate myself to working with and sharing this amazing medicine.

Nearly 4 years on from the initial circle I attended, I am truly blessed to be working full time with Kambo. And even though I have probably given a couple of thousand treatments by now, I am amazed that every single treatment is unique. Every single circle is powerful and different in its own way. I am constantly humbled and honoured to be of service to people and the medicine.

I cannot believe where this journey has taken me I have now completed my Advanced and Master practitioner training and spent the last couple of years assisting Karen when she is teaching the practitioner course. I am over the moon that later this year I will be starting to teach the very course Karen developed and which has changed my life so dramatically.

It is truly incredible to see how this community is growing and spreading across the globe. The diverse range of practitioners completing the training each year is opening up the medicine to more and more sections of society. I am really looking forward to continuing helping the community grow and to seeing what the next four years will bring.

We are all so blessed to be connected through our tribe. Viva Kambo! Viva Medicine! Aho.

I hold regular private and open group circles around London and the South of the UK, as well as traveling internationally with the medicine.