If you’d told me 4 years ago, working as a computer programmer and actor, that the main passion in my life was going to be centred around the secretions of a very magnificent frog from the Amazon … well, I’d have thought you were crazy.

I discovered Kambo very much by riding Carlies coat tails (that’s our other practitioner of the month ☺) or more specifically supporting Carlie as wingman in her battle for health. Carlie had been severely ill for many years and, when I met her, was still deeply engaged in debilitating chronic Lyme disease. So, in support of her, and because I was fascinated by this new approach to life (things like being aware of what you put in your body, living “toxin free” and working with emotional aspects of healing…and having practices to support it!) I became a willing participant in the various protocols, diets, experiments and supplements that were all aimed at helping her triumph through Lyme.

When we discovered Kambo, we sent Carlie to Slovenia to receive it as apart of a complete program of healing. When she came back, I could feel the difference in her, her health and vitality was growing. … she was alive again. Keen to continue this trajectory we found a wonderful IAKP practitioner in Melbourne – Tanè, who made the trek to Adelaide and first introduced me to Kambo.

Initially – I was thinking to myself – If this can help Carlie get her health back – this can make me super human! I’ll be unstoppable. I’m not entirely sure, but I think I was expecting to get rippling muscles and super senses overnight.

I didn’t.

But it did have a profound physical impact, and, very gently and over quite some time, (and much more Kambo) an even more profound emotional impact. I began to notice the little traumas, the emotional scars, all the things that I’d thought I’d let go of, “gotten over” or forgotten about. I began to see how many of these were still in the drivers seat, still making the decisions, and influencing my behaviour, responses and attitudes and, with Kambo by my side I began to shed, release and heal these old friends.

I fell in love, but not without hesitation. In fact, were it not for Carlie, I probably would have never trained as a practitioner.
Back then I was excited by the lofty idea of being able to offer some help to all those isolated by mystery illnesses, depression and anxiety.

But it wasn’t until I actually trained as a practitioner that it landed. There, during training, I felt full: full of life, love and compassion. Supporting my brothers and sisters through Kambo ceremonies during the training, I felt like I had purpose, like I was home, and I had found peace serving this spirit of Kambo.

And the answer to WHY I became a Kambo practitioner? Well my own understanding of this has been constantly evolving, growing and deepening since I completed my training.
But at the very core of it, however, has always been my partner in life, crime and Kambo – Carlie.
When we first met, through her patience, compassion, lack of judgement and clarity, Carlie reminded me that I could be a better version of myself. It was this energy that she shared, that sparked my decision to quit smoking, win the battle over alcohol, and take steps towards the healthier, more honest version of myself that I always knew I could be.

It is a very similar energy that I see working in Kambo with every one of my clients. A calm, compassionate and clear force that reminds us what it is like to live in our natural state of wellness.
I’ve seen this amazing substance give people the strength to beat their addictions, to face and heal their traumas, to acknowledge the pain they carry through “mistakes” of their parents and let it go, and to find wellness, happiness and laughter after years of pain, sadness and depression.

It is this energy, this capacity for guiding people back to their true selves in body, mind heart and spirit that I love and serve.

I’m still a giant nerd. As much as I try to escape it, my degree in computer science (which was not actually what I meant to study when I went to university some 16 years ago) has in various ways led me on this path, and continues to offer some very beautiful gifts. I’m currently honoured with looking after the IAKP website and, in my own time, am working on an application that will hopefully help make the administration side easier for Kambo Practitioners; so we can all focus on the important things -the clients, their stories and their healing.

Carlie and I treat clients independently, and together in ceremonies and it is such a privilege to be able to share this work together, and wonderful to bring both the masculine and feminine energies together.


My journey, or maybe more accurately, love affair, began with Kambo through my experience of many years with Lyme disease.
I had ended up most often house bound and barely able to care for my basic needs. I ended up a long way from my previous career as a professional contemporary dancer!
Throughout this intrepid adventure I was researching and creating my own treatment program because Lyme disease officially did not exist in Australia. I read books, listened to webinars, scoured the internet, and constantly researched a way to heal this broken body… I tried and tested many modalities and protocols, I was taken into a deep, often scary and lonely healing process. Ultimately this was a process of incredible transformation and I see this as a profound gift. Largely because, it lead me to Kambô. I know how powerful and profound Kambô is, not just because I have experienced it, but because I have so many other substances, practices and modalities to compare it to.
But, before I was well enough to have the joy of retrospective appreciation… lets skip back to a stage that was still intensely painful, though lighter and more potential filled than I had been for years.

4 years ago I was able to drag myself, with Brads loving support, to a “dance and healing” workshop intensive in Bali. The breath work and chi gong was challenging but helpful, the loving acceptance of my condition by those around me was of immeasurable value…but, more than that, I had a pulling, pulsing, niggling feeling that my “next step” was here.

Throughout my ‘liaison with Lyme’ I developed a very raw spiritual practice. One predominant spiritual habit I developed is asking the universe (sometimes a bit desperately! ; ) .. ‘please send me the next teacher I need, in whatever form that may come, please let me see my next step in healing and show me what is required of me to fulfil this path’.
So, long story short, I end up with one of the facilitators on this retreat, a very tall Slovenian man telling me in a thick Slovenian accent, and regarding my condition –
‘This is NO GOOD, something, it needs to change.’ And then with somewhat of a cheeky smile he added ‘what you need is some hard core Amazon shit’
He proceeds to tell me about Kambo and somehow I know, I know deeply and completely that this is for me.
Without reading even a sentence online but rather somehow just acting on the pull I feel deep in my core and, once again, supported by Brad, I travelled 36 hours, by plane, shuttle bus and then car to access Kambo. The person I sat with is to become a dear friend and mentor, she works across an incredible range of healing modalities and combines them into an integrated program that I undertook. But really I am there for Kambô. What ensues is many months of intensive healing, which continues back at home through an IAKP practitioner who comes to Adelaide at my request to run Kambo ceremonies.
After my first treatment I already felt a strong desire to work with Kambo, one that grew and deepened as I continued to work with and experience its ‘magic’. Wanting to continue to work with this secretion myself and wanting to share what I had experienced with others I was beyond excited when I realised I could train to work with Kambo through the IAKP. Again I asked the universe to let me know if this is the way for me and, honestly, it all flowed, the path lit up like the proverbial Yellow Brick Road beneath my feet. So I trust in and serve the frog and, through that, myself and others.

Working with Kambo is an intense and beautiful practice. I am in awe at its intelligence, its powerful, direct and integrated (or holistic if you will) action on our human being.
Kambo gave me more than I ever dared ask for and my gratitude and love for this frog and its secretion is woven into my being, into the fabric of who I am.

Brad and I work together because our lives are interwoven with healing. Our energy is complimentary and supportive of each others. I believe this is something we bring to the space in the ceremonies we run together that also supports our clients.

Kambôs gifts are many and deep, more than we can really understand. It brings us so much more than what we come to Kambo for. With ongoing applications we are taken deep into our true selves and more abundantly into our innate flow of wellness and vitality… it reveals to us all the gifts that come through being in this state. I have always been fascinated with healing, with what inspires us to heal, how we come to the place of courage and trust required to take the leap for transformational healing. I am amazed at what this unassuming substance offers us, a powerful and immediate way to create this change, to relieve us of things that block us, giving a strong push to help us build the momentum we need to be well.
What I find so wonderful is that Kambo also brings strength and power to all the other practices we undertake in our ventures for clarity, peace, wellness and consciousness.


It is an honor to be a part of this wonderful Association, we’re so proud of the work and integrity of the IAKP, and we’re very grateful to be able to share our stories, to Karen for her incredible and unshakable dedication to getting this organisation up and running, to helping bring Kambo into the western world in such a caring, sustainable and ethical way, and to Ginny for taking the reigns of the IAKP and carrying us onward and upward.