Hi family, my name is Katrine from Belgium

The first time i heard about Kambo was in 2009. I was so fascinated and drawn to this medicine. I read about Kambo and I wanted to try It so bad to give my body a good cleansing. I thought I had to travel to South America for this so I spoke with a friend who just got back from there and I asked him If he did Kambo. He told me he knew someone that would come to his house near where I lived! I was so happy.
From there I got some sessions and then I felt the calling. I wanted to be a practitioner. We had a Kambo practitioner who initiated us into the medicine because I was not aware there were courses.

Four years later I met someone who was with the IAKP and I was so excited that there were courses. I instantly registered for a course in 2016.
The course opened up so many possibilities for me and It was the most beautiful present for myself and my growth and knowledge.
I love to keep learning and experiencing this medicine so I went to Peru to look for our Phyllomedusa Bicolour. I wanted to introduce myself and to connect with the frog. It was a dream come true to find and milk this magical frog! What a blessing.

Kambo has changed my life, Kambo Is my life. I am so grateful to work with this amazing medicine and to be able to help and cleanse people with all of my heart