Raised on a horse farm in upstate New York, I was a child of the woods and the animals. I had a sense of complete connectedness to nature, one that I lacked in my adult life. Over time it seemed to slip farther and farther out of reach.

At the University in Vermont, I studied International Business, Spanish and Art. Later I was lucky to travel, live and work in South America and Europe. My time in South America brought back my connectedness to nature and a fluidity of life, I did not want to leave. Time passed, and eventually I made my way to NYC to pursue a career and became established in the film industry as a writer and producer for 10 years until launching a fashion brand in 2004. My career grew as a creative director, but I knew that something unexplained and visceral was missing.

My first Kambo experience was in Brooklyn over 3 years ago. I went along with my normal (healthy;) amount of skepticism, hoping I could get some relief from an old back surgery where my disc had to be replaced by cadaver bone and some rods. I not only left with that relief, but so much more. I was completely wiped out on my treatment day, and took the nap of champions in the afternoon. I woke up bright and full of energy before dinner. The next day was something else. I really believed I’d found the fountain of youth and key to my own super powers. So many insights flooded my brain. I was physically and mentally propelled. In yoga class that day I was able to do headstands for the first time in my life. I realized later that week that I was also speed-reading. The gifts since have been seemingly endless and humbling. This was my calling.

From the first moment after doing Kambo, it been like meeting a long lost friend and mentor. I sought to find a way to share this with as many people as possible. I immediately started searching out more info, and found Karen online. After reading about her path and the scientific information she offered, I knew she was the all-knowing frog mother I needed to meet…so of course I stalked her…who wouldn’t? Upon meeting, I had the slight feeling I had known her Centuries!

Friends have called me the Witch Doctor, as I’ve always tinkered with herbal remedies, cleanses, and ways of healing. I couldn’t seem to find the right fit for myself in the healing arts, they all felt too compartmental. Kambo removed all of that fear and helped me get ready for my next stage. Karen eventually contacted me because a spot had opened in the next training, I immediately said YES.

My trainings came quickly. I met and fell deeply in love with Karen, Ginny, Jose, Juan and all of my fellow students. I immediately knew that I found my other family.

Returning from training was a strange time in life. I found myself feeling low for some months and not knowing where to turn. But I kept breathing and knew that, with patience, a direction would form, and it did. Kambo lead the way. I know now that it’s not a magic bullet for every ailment and malady – and while that was a hard fact to swallow after my initial experiences, I now feel so much stronger in this information. We are the medicine; Kambo is a tool. I can handle anything that comes my way – with breath and patience – most of the time;). I trust the frog to guide me thru life. It can’t give us all the answers, but it teaches us where to look for them within, or be at ease in the unknown.

The frog has brought so many shifts, for myself, and the lives of my clients, big noticeable ones, and tiny movements in consciousness and daily rituals. Working with Kambo I feel complete, fluid and natural. It gives me hope for indigenous medicines and people, which I constantly fear are being killed by western culture.

I truly love this work with all my heart and am so grateful to have such a wise community with leaders who I am forever indebted. The fact that we are now connected is not a mistake. Kambo has taught me that thru life we are always holding space, always in ceremony… spreading the Kambo love as we grow and learn and share our knowledge. We are the tadpoles of this wonderful frog tribe, waiting to fall from the tree into the water.

I’ve been deeply blessed by Karen and this community. I am so thankful for my clients and the humble joy this medicine teaches me in work, life, love, death and relationships. So excited to continue meeting you all on this beautiful journey we are part of thanks to Karen and all of our mentors at the IAKP. Aho