Rama has been working as a Kambo Practitioner since June 2016. She is currently based in British Columbia but works across Canada

Rama is an Intuitive, Heart Centered Coach, writer, speaker and the first Certified IAKP Kambo Practitioner in Canada. She also owned an Integrative Health Center that focused on Western medicines, TCM, alternative therapies, and energy healing.

Over 10 years ago Rama was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) and doctors insisted she receive pharmaceutical injections for the rest of her life or risk becoming blind, deaf, or paralyzed. After her diagnosis, Rama went searching for alternative healing modalities because she knew there was more to her diagnosis. This journey led her on a Soul Retrieval Journey into the deepest parts of herself, she knew her Spirit was calling her home.

After three years of Sacred Medicine Journeys, guided by Shaman from Brazil and Columbia Rama emerged with a new awareness and understanding of the endless possibilities within us all, if we choose to surrender to them.

In 2014 Rama was told she was having an M.S. relapse. Even upon hearing this news, she knew she would reverse her diagnosis through her own healing process, without the use pharmaceuticals. She knew that once the diagnosis no longer served a purpose it would be released from her body. In 2015 Rama’s MRI’s showed no new lesions, and she was told she was no longer diagnosed with M.S.

Rama believes that dis-ease in the body is stored in many different layers: the mind, emotional, spiritual, physical and energetic. She believes that each layer brings an invitation for awareness, a calling to dive within to restore balance in every part of ourselves.

She believes that Sacred Medicines like Kambo can help unlock the truth within us all as well as well as support the healing of humanity and the planet. She continues her journey by facilitating Sacred Medicines circles and retreats across North America and Costa Rica.