Delighted and honoured to be included in this feature and to meet you all this way. I first met the frog in 2011 in my quest for help with serious chronic low back and to reduce my intake of opiate painkillers. I still recall my first intention but couldn’t possibly imagine the ways in which this journey was about to change my life. At the time, very few people knew about Kambo, with precious little information on the internet. Shortly afterwards I met Karen and started taking Kambo with her when she returned from her training in South America. When I heard about her test point creation I knew she was the person I wanted to work with and bring people to.

I began organising and then assisting her in small circles and as awareness grew, so did the circles as more people benefitted from its amazing effects. I feel extremely privileged to have worked with Karen over the years, learning how to hold space and manage the medicine.
Kambo helped me come off of the opiates and reduce pretty much all my other painkillers, which I consider a minor miracle. It also provides me with pain relief and has helped re-start my body’s own production of pain killing endorphins as well as increase resilience to deal with pain.

I attended the very first Kambo practitioner course in Portugal in 2014 during which I really resonated with auricular work and then trained in ear acupuncture to understand more about this system. Since I qualified I’ve been offering Kambo circles and private treatments in Bristol, Exeter, Bournemouth and now Salisbury in the UK and Orgiva in Southern Spain. Recently I assisted on a practitioner training course and did my advanced practitioner course in Portugal.

I also edit the IAKP newsletter, administer the donations to the Matses fund and will soon be helping out more with IAKP admin. I’m eternally grateful for this medicine; my life works better than it ever did with this clever little frog as my boss!