Kia ora,

It is a great honour and I feel so very blessed to be a Kambo practitioner. I had my first meeting with Kambo nearly 2 years ago while I was in Thailand, where I joined a small circle held by Rakendra, an IAKP practitioner. The whole ceremony was life changing. I watched and felt the power of this medicine work and I was totally amazed at the possibilities this medicine could offer for healing. One year later I was accepted into the Kambo practitioner training course taught by Karen, which deepened my commitment to working with and serving this powerful medicine.

I have been a Master stonemason/artist for the past 30 years and about 2 weeks after I finished the Kambo practitioner training I had a serious work accident which resulted in me losing the sight in my left eye. During the surgery I had a deep vision with Kambo spirit where I saw myself laying in the jungle covered in hundreds of Kambo frogs. I felt a deep sense from them of ‘we will love and guide you on this path working with the medicine’. My life has totally opened up to a beautiful connection with Kambo and all the communities I have been working in.

I am so grateful for the way this medicine has invited me to connect with my healing spirit and I’m passionate about working with plant and other organic medicines from all around the world. I come from Aotearoa (New Zealand). I have a deep respect for ancient indigenous medicines, traditions and protocol. I’ve spent most of my life travelling and working around the world. It’s been a journey of learning and growing my skills and knowledge as an artisan, holding sacred cacao ceremony, immersion in yoga and dance, and learning tradition, ritual and prayers from my Maori ancestry and other cultures. My lineage and direct ancestry comes from chiefs, warriors, healers and storytellers and I have a deep passion to continue learning more from Maori healers and other indigenous elders & healers.

Since being qualified I have been offering private treatments, small and large group ceremonies as well as ceremonies for women’s circles and men’s groups in Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and also in Thailand. I’m excited for 2017 and I plan on offering ceremonies around Australia and beyond.