The IAKP has been monitoring the situation regarding Kambo and investigations into IAKP members Brad Williams and Carlie Angel in Australia closely.

As far as we are aware, these two South Australian based practitioners have been banned from practicing in 4 states of Australia whilst investigations continue in two of those states. 

We also understand that the investigating bodies, the Victorian and South Australian Health Complaints Commissions, have placed a ban on these two practitioners, not due to any allegations of malpractice or complaints received, but because they have concerns that the practice of Kambo itself may pose a risk to the general public of Australia. 

We would like to make the following points in regards to this situation:

Neither the South Australian or Victorian Investigating bodies have made any attempt to contact the International Association of Kambo Practitioners management team or board of trustees.

The IAKP, through Brad and Carlie, recently extended an offer to the South Australian Investigating body to liase with them, to ensure that the safety procedures and training provided to our members in Australia matched their requirements. We have as yet had no response from the South Australian Investigation.

The IAKP understands that the reasons stated for this latest South Australian Prohibition Order are due to possible health risks to certain individuals with underlying heart conditions if they take Kambo.

The IAKP are not aware of any adverse event where this has been a factor.
The IAKP, and all of its members are well aware of the risks that were stated as reasons for the prohibition, and IAKP training, procedures, contraindications and safety protocols all account for and exclude individuals who may be at risk. We have been informed that both the South Australian and Victorian investigatory bodies were provided with this information by Carlie and Brad.

It is true, there have been a very small number of deaths  associated with Kambo. However if time is taken to look beyond the sensationalism of media headlines, these handful of regrettable deaths have all come down to practitioner incompetence, negligence or ignorance. And this is exactly why the IAKP was formed, and why we encourage the safe, responsible and ethical use of Kambo.  To date we are the largest body of knowledge and experience in the world of Kambo. We have over 400 practitioners, hundreds of thousands of clients and a presence in more than 35 countries worldwide.

The reality is, that climbing Uluru, one of Australia’s treasured tourist attractions, has taken far more lives than Kambo. 

Prescription opioids take hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide every year.  

Alcohol, a substance that can cause severe vomiting, dizziness, fainting, unconsciousness, poisoning, liver disease and death is legal and acceptable.

People will always do things that have a risk attached. They will take illicit drugs, prescription opiods, drink excessively on weekends and smoke cigarettes, drive fast, climb mountains and sky dive. Banning any form of substance will not stop people taking it. The World Drug Report in 2019 said that 271 million people had used drugs in the previous year and 35 million people worldwide suffer from drug disorders. 11 million people injected drugs in 2017 and 585,000 people died of drug use. Only 1 in 7 receive treatment.

Kambo is a substance that can significantly benefit substance abusers and help them stay substance free. We have thousands of testimonials to this effect.

The World Health Organisation say that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. More than 300 million people are affected. Depression increases the risk of substance abuse and diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. 

Kambo is a substance that can significantly benefit those suffering from depression. We have thousands of testimonials to this effect.
The banning, and subsequent vilification of two IAKP trained practitioners, seems at odds with the investigating bodies aims to protect the Australian Public. Kambo is and will continue to be sought out by all walks of life from bankers to police officers, government officials, professional sports people, doctors, judges, psychologists, stay at home parents, students and retirees. The spread of Kambo is now global and touches every level of our society.

The most common reasons that people take Kambo are Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Drug and Alcohol issues. The overwhelming majority of these people find long term healing and relief in Kambo. 

By penalising trained and responsible Practitioners like Brad and Carlie who are working hard to do everything transparently, paying taxes, keeping Kambo visible and making themselves accountable for their clients safety – the Australian authorities are running the risk of pushing Kambo underground and opening a space for risky practices. Those that have found relief will continue to seek it out, either in the forests of South America where the malaises of the western world may not be well understood or by fostering the rise of rogue, untrained, unregistered practitioners or by encouraging a wave of self-application with Kambo purchased online. If that happens, contraindications will not be checked, interactions with other substances will not be understood, safety procedures will not be followed, knowledge that has been gained will not be built upon and there will be an exponential rise in adverse events involving Kambo. 

To further emphasise our point – Although the NSW coroners report is yet to be completed, Natasha Lechener died, after receiving Kambo from an untrained individual who had no understanding or knowledge of safety protocols or procedures. It is a tragedy that should not have happened. 

If the Australian authorities are genuinely interested in reducing risks around working with this amazing secretion, then the IAKP stand ready to work with them to make this happen.

We choose to be accountable, we choose to be visible and we choose to be responsible. We are open to scrutiny and review of our training, safety procedures, substance guidelines, contraindication guidelines and working practices at any time.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide our support to Brad and Carlie and every IAKP registered practitioner in Australia.   

For and on behalf of the trustees and management of the IAKP