The IAKP is a group of practitioners and other interested parties who seek to support and encourage the safe, responsible and professional use of Kambo through training, raising awareness, developing and sharing knowledge, research, ethical behaviour and best practice. We are not medical practitioners and we do not give medical advise or make diagnoses.
Our website is a source/body of knowledge with links to research, info on finding a trained practitioner, our training courses and general information about Kambo.

We are totally committed to ensuring the sustainability of the tribes who own the knowledge of this great substance and who share it with us so generously.
We are a not for profit Foundation based in the Netherlands. As such, we donate 70% of our annual profits to causes and projects that contribute to the survival of the Amazon rainforest and its peoples. We are managed by a worldwide team of senior practitioners and supported in many projects by our wonderful practitioner team.

We are currently working to provide better educational and health care resources to the remote communities of the Matses tribe of Peru.

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