Causes and Donations

have a long history of supporting the Matses tribe and other rainforest
causes.  In 2022, in response to the
impact of the pandemic and climate change in Brazil and Peru, we decided to
broaden the causes we support and donate to. We remain committed to supporting
both the Matses people directly and through other organisations that are
working with them.


In 2022-2023, the IAKP foundation have chosen CHILDREN OF BAHIA as our CHARITY OF THE YEAR

Children of Bahia are a small independent charity working with local NGO’s in Brazil to provide care and support to children living on the streets in often dangerous circumstances. They are currently helping over 70 street children, aged 2 to 6 years, most of whom who have HIV/AIDS.

They run a monthly / weekly club (funds allowing) for the children. This provides a day of fun, good food, a shower, care, safety & love. They also provide medical care, advice, and support. Because many of the children already have AIDS, their health is checked, drugs are dispensed and where necessary they are taken to hospital for treatment. The children can relax, play and be taken care of. For a short while, they can forget life on the streets and just be children.

The IAKP are helping to run this and with support from our clients and practitioners, we can extend that support and maybe help to provide a more permanent interventions for the children like fostering or adoption.


If you would like to donate to Children of Bahia, click here.

Please feel free to place a link on your own website.


The IAKP continue to support this Peru based organisation in their work with the Matses people. You can read all about their work on their website.


Please follow the link to donate.


The IAKP are proud to support Xapiri Ground who are based in Cusco Peru. Their work is focused on art, culture and sustainable communities working with the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest. In addition to exhibitions, Xapiri have a wonderful online shop where you can purchase  traditional tribal textiles, jewelry, paintings and much more. You can also purchase the Matses Uitsun woven bracelets here.


Please follow the link to donate.


Over the
years we have been pleased to be able to support the Matses people of Peru
through various channels, including donating to organisations working with
them, direct donations, Fairtrade purchases, emergency and community funding.


The IAKP will continue to work closely with the tribe providing support in various forms. We will shortly be giving you a link to their community website so that you can donate to their community fund directly.


A branch of the main organisation specifically dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and its people.


Please follow the link to donate: