We aim to train our practitioners to the highest possible standards to ensure safe and professional practice.
Every member registered with the IAKP is bound by our code of conduct. 

However, occasionally someone comes away from a Kambo treatment feeling they received less then excellent service. These things happen and that is why we have a complaints procedure. Sometimes we can put things right; sometimes we can explain what happened and why. Sometimes we can only apologise. 

Our aim is to learn from practitioner mistakes. What you tell us helps us to review our training methods and improve your Kambo experience. 
We will treat your complaint confidentially, seriously and in a timely manner.

Please note our complaints procedure is solely for complaints about Kambo treatments received from an IAKP registered and trained practitioner and is only applicable to breaches of our code of conduct and their work with Kambo. 

It is not for complaints about Kambo treatments from practitioners not trained by the IAKP nor complaints about practitioners of other sacred medicines. Complaints of this nature will not be responded to. 

If you have a non practitioner related issue or comment please use our contact form here. We also love to hear your positive feedback too!

If you have a complaint

In the first instance we ask you to address your complaint to the practitioner you received the treatment from and give them a chance to rectify the situation. 

If you copy us into this correspondence we will inform the practitioner that we have received your complaint and ask them to respond to you, in writing, within 14 days. 

We will contact you at the end of this period to see if the matter has been resolved to your satisfaction.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction and you wish to make a formal complaint please use the form  on this page. 

Alternatively, you may make your formal complaint by email

Please include the following information: 

  • Your name and contact details
  • Date and location of treatment
  • What treatment you received
  • Name of Practitioner
  • Nature of complaint.

    Further Information