“Immune Boosting” Kambo Protocol

During these crazy times for those of you who wish to self treat, or treat close family members Jai Ram would like to share with you an immune boosting Kambo protocol.  His recommendations are based on many years as a Dr of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist. Below ate some of the most important acupoints for strengthening immunity and most of them are accessible for self treatment.

The points are Stomach 36, Large Intestine 11, Spleen 6 and Lung 7, Lung 9.

It is a combination of mostly tonifying points to strengthen the qi and blood (immunity) of the body but also to help clear any lingering pathogenic factors and harmonize lung function.

Ideally I’d recommend doing them in combination (St 36 ALWAYS double up bi-laterally, the rest depending on how many points are suitable for your client or yourself) however if you really just have to pick one it’s the first one:

  1. Stomach 36 (Zusanli) – Arguably one of if not the most important acupuncture points on the body. It is the single most important point in the body to stimulate the action of the Stomach and Spleen in generating qi (energy) and blood. This is absolutely vital for strong immunity. Interestingly this point was actually burnt seasonally with moxibustion (scarring moxibustion) by some ancient chinese. This was said to further reinforce the actions of the point and strengthen the wei qi (immunity) prior to winter. http://acupuncture.com/education/points/stomach/st36.htm
  2. Large Intestine 11 (QuChi) – was included by Ma Dan-yang, the great physician of the Jin dynasty, among the ‘eleven heavenly star points’, his grouping of the most vital acupuncture points. It is one of the most powerful points to clear pathogenic heat and fire (fever) from the body. In fact, one well-known style of Japanese acupuncture (Kiiko Matsumoto’s) considers Large Intestine 11 to be the master immune point in the body. It’s actually a point that falls just slightly below and outside Large Intestine 11. The exact location is determined according to the patient’s sensitivity in that area. The most sensitive spot is usually the most effective when treated. http://www.acupuncture.com/education/points/largeintestine/li11.htm
  3. Spleen 6 (SanYinJiao) – sits at a vital meeting point for 3 YIN meridians (Spleen, Liver, Kidney) and as such has a powerful effect on all these organs and particularly as they pertain to the blood and body fluids. It is arguably the principle point for strengthening blood cell production and circulation. Good blood flow = good health. http://acupuncture.com/education/points/spleen/sp6.htm
  4. Lung 7 (Lieque) – Another one of good ol Ma Dan-yang’s star points. Important for clearing pathogenic factors from the body. http://acupuncture.com/education/points/lung/lu7.htm
  5. Lung 9 (Taiyuan) – The principle point on the Lung meridian for strengthening lung function. In Chinese Medicine the lung meridian governs the wei-qi (defensive qi) and is vital for a strong immune response. http://acupuncture.com/education/points/lung/lu9.htm

Thank you and may you all stand in your health, power and strength as medicine keepers at this vital time for our planet

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