IAKP Financial Statement 2019

Table of Contents


1.1 General information


The IAKP Foundation was established on 16 March 2018 and has its registered office in Nootdorp, The Netherlands. Since then the IAKP Foundation is registered as ‘Stichting IAKP’, a non-profit at the Haaglanden Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands under file number 711.63.751. Also, the IAKP Foundation is exempt from taxes.

After its establishment the IAKP Foundation opened it’s own bank account and started receiving the membership fee’s. Any earlier fee’s that were received in 2017-2018, were mostly donated to the Rainforest Foundation.


The statutory objective of the IAKP Foundation is to promote and support the use of Kambo as an alternative therapy worldwide. The foundation seeks to achieve this goal through only legal means, such as:
– giving and receiving research grants and training Kambo practitioners;

– supporting tribes and forest projects in the Amazon region;
– creating a network of affiliates, sharing information, collecting money;
– establishing and maintaining contacts and collaborating with third parties if and insofar as that can be useful for the foundation:
– any other means that are desirable, useful or necessary to promote the goal.

The activities of 2019 have been realized in accordance with the objectives.

Activities of 2019

Many IAKP Kambo practitioners have been trained in 2019. Bursaries have been granted and donations have been made. The management team has come together in Cyprus in November to form a strong and clear new management team who would enable Karen Kanya Darke (The Founder) to retire from the day to day management activities. A meeting with the Matzes has been in the works for the beginning of 2020.

Board of Trustees

Karen Darke (President)
Adrew Mulquin (Secretary)
Ralph (Ravi) Verhage (Treasurer)


2.1 Balance sheet 2019






Bank account









Freely disposable equity



Provision Kambo Causes



Total Capital



Debt capital: short-term   



Invoices to be received






2.2 Statement of income and expenses
Member fee ́s€22085.00€7673.00
Used provision Kambo causes€1000€0
Total Income €23085.00€7673.00
Support costs€2750.00€4600.00
Administration costs€1452.00€400.00
Office costs€188.00€1184.00
Website costs€1804.00€0.00
Training and Meeting Expenses€9650.00€231.00
Total costs €15844.00€6415.00
RESULT €7241.00€1258.00
Expenditures on Kambo Causes   
Donations to Kambo Causes€3007.00€0
Prizes and Bursaries€4010.00€0.00
Provision Kambo Causes€0.00€1000.00
Total Expenditures on Kambo Causes €7017.00€1000.00
FINAL RESULT €224.00€258.00
2.3 Explanation of the financial statements


The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the Netherlands.

On the basis of the Civil Code, the IAKP Foundation can be regarded as a small legal entity. Small legal persons may, provided that the board of the foundation has not decided otherwise, use a number of exemptions with regard to the organization of the annual accounts. For example, it is not compulsory to publish a yearly report.

2.4 Explanation of the Assets

Receivables € 600

The receivables noted on the end of 2019 consist out of an estimated amount for membership fee’s for which the payment is late yet still expected to be received.

Bank Account € 6.714

The foundation has a Dutch bank account with the Triodos Bank.

2.5 Explanation of the Liabilities

Capital  € 482

The IAKP foundation intents to spend a minimum of 70% of its profits on Kambo Causes. In 2018, 1000 euro of the result was allocated to Provision Kambo Causes which was then spent for these causes in 2019.

Creditors € 2.280

These relate to costs of 2019 for which, on the 31th of December 2019, the invoices had been received yet still had to be payed.

Invoices to be received € 4.552

These are invoices that relate to costs of 2019 and, on the 31th of December 2019, still had to be received.

2.6 Explanation of the income

Member Fee’s € 22085

This income consists out of the yearly membership fee’s that the Kambo Practitioners pay to the IAKP Foundation. It consists out of the amount received on the IAKP bank account in 2019 and has included an estimate of 600 euro’s in late payments.

Used provision Kambo causes € 1000

This concerns the provision for Kambo causes which was allocated in 2018 and used in 2019.

2.7 Explanation of the costs

Support costs € 2.750

This concerns compensations to trustees for their work, support and costs made for the foundation in 2019. These compensations allow activities and projects to be undertaken and continued for the benefit of the foundation.

2.6 Explanation of the income

Administration costs €1452

This concerns the fee for Utopian Finance for the work on the administration and finance.

Office costs € 188

These costs consist mostly out of banking and transfer costs. In 2018 the office costs were 1184 euro’s and included to costs related to the setting up of the foundation.

Website costs € 1804

In the end of 2019 1.250 euro’s were payed to improve the functionality of the IAKP website. The rest of the costs are hosting costs and related expenses.

Training And Meeting Expenses € 9650

In November of 2019 broad and potential management team came together in Cyprus in an attempt to form a strong new management team. A total of 9345 euro ́s was spent on the facilitator (Robert Kržišnik) of a 6 day intense NVC-workshop meant to enable the formation of a well-connected new management team. The rest of the costs travel accommodation etc was covered by the attendees.

Donations to Kambo Causes € 3007

In 2019 to amount have been payed towards Kambo Causes. The first is an amount of 2007 euro ́s that was meant to benefit the organisation of a Matzes tribe meeting in Peru. The second was a donation of 1.000 euro ́s to Acate Amazone Conservation.

Prizes and Bursaries € 4010

In 2019 a training bursary and a AUD price course fee have been granted to two individuals.