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Angelica Sanshompoo

Soul Revive Wellness

Level of Training Practitioner
Offering Kambo in the following areas : Ocean Shores, Seattle, Lynnwood, Olympia, Seaview, Portland | California,Oregon,Washington | United States

About Soul Revive Wellness

Welcome To SoulRevive Wellness: My name is Angelica and here what lists of our services that we provide to our clients: Kambo, Quantum Healing Hypnosist Theraphy (qhht) by founder Dolores Cannon( 2 location by Me at Ocean Shores and By Aurelian at Lynnwood), Chi-Flow, Tibetan Medicine such as: Hor-Me Therapy, Tsalung Diagnosis and Therapy, Access Bars, Peruvian Shamanic Works such as, IlLumination session, Shamanic Journey, Despacho Ceremony(House blessing, House clearing, Blessing ceremony and more. Light Therapy, Cleansing and Detox Retreat, class and workshop also available in Ocean Shores location.

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