IAKP - Financial Statement - 2020

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General information


The IAKP Foundation was established on the 16th of March 2018 and has its registered office in Nootdorp, The Netherlands. Since then the IAKP Foundation has been registered as the ‘Stichting IAKP’, a non-profit at the Haaglanden Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands under file number 711.63.751. Also, the IAKP Foundation is exempt from taxes due to its non-profit and charitable nature.

After its establishment the IAKP Foundation opened its own bank account and started receiving the membership fees. Any earlier fees that were received in 2017-2018, were mostly donated to the Rainforest Foundation.


The statutory objective of the IAKP Foundation is to promote and support the use of Kambo as an alternative therapy worldwide. The foundation seeks to achieve this goal through only legal means, such as:
– giving and receiving research grants and training Kambo practitioners;

– supporting tribes and forest projects in the Amazon region;
– creating a network of affiliates, sharing information, collecting funds for kambo causes;
– establishing and maintaining contacts and collaborating with third parties if and insofar as that can be useful for the foundation:
– any other means that are desirable, useful or necessary to promote the goal.

The activities of 2020 have been realized in accordance with the objectives.

Management Report 2020

What a year 2020 has been. It started on a real positive note with the IAKP being represented at a meeting with the Matsés communities. José Luis De Solar traveled to the meeting to see how the IAKP has been supporting the tribe and to discuss how we can better support them through the purchasing of Kambo and donations. The results of the meeting are a deeper relationship and a more formal agreement for the trade in their Kambo. We are also working alongside Acaté Amazon Conservation to make sure the donations we receive are being dispersed and used in the best way possible.

Also in the beginning of 2020, the IAKP signed an agreement to transfer Assets and Copyrights to the IAKP Foundation”. This means that the IAKP Foundation has become the legal owner of all IAKP related assets and copyrighted work. We are really pleased to have taken this step, as it means as an organisation we now in the process of owning everything relating to the IAKP and the materials we teach. Over the coming years this will help us as an organisation financially, as we will be receiving money from all the IAKP practitioner courses that are taught, through the license fee that teachers pay for each student they train.

The trustees believe this to be very favourable for the IAKP Foundation in that it forms the basis for an independent and sustainable IAKP future.

Even though the Coronavirus has had a limiting effect on the amount of IAKP Kambo trainings that took place, many new Kambo practitioners were trained and welcomed into the IAKP community in 2020.

There has also been a great deal of work done to make the Advanced course teachable online, with a combination ‘in person’ and online course running in October and the first fully online Advanced training taking place in January of this year.

The teaching team is also growing. A small teacher trainings took place in October 2020 with a further course is due to take place later this year to accommodate all those who could not attend in 2020 due to travel restrictions.

We are really pleased to say the Bursaries scheme still went ahead this year. The scheme pays for a place on the Basic practitioner course for people who are in some way disadvantaged and who could not otherwise afford to attend. We are really happy that this scheme has continued in 2020, as we believe it is really crucial in helping Kambo get into parts of the community it may not have reached so easily otherwise.

With the financial difficulties people have been experiencing this year, we have seen a drop off in people keeping up to date with their membership payments. We have been looking to support practitioners where we can with this, including helping people with payment schemes and an amnesty on late fee’s. We have also been looking at a number of initiatives that we can do offer to add greater value to our members.

Part of this will be a new website with a more engaging and useful members area and better find a practitioner search page. Once the new website is ready to launch, we think that people will be really happy to start using it.

Financial Statements

Balance sheet 2020
Invoices to be send1.0290
Bank account15.7016.714
TOTAL ASSETS€ 18.809€ 7.314
EQUITY & LIABILITIES31-12-202001-01-2020
Freely disposable equity807482
Provision Kambo Causes7.0000
Buffer Matsés trade5.0000
Total Equity12.807482
Debt capital: short-term  
Invoices to be received 4.1744.1744.552

Statement of income and expenses
Membership fees19.50322.0857.673
Used provision Kambo causes01.0000
Income Matsés trade29.989  
Cost of Matsés trade19.862  
IAKP Margin of Matsés trade10.127  
IAKP % of Training license fee’s2.385  
Total Income 34.36723.0857.673
Support costs2.4302.7504.600
Management Fees000
Administration costs5.0001.452400
Office costs1.0431881.184
Website costs3.1541.8040
Meeting Expenses3549.650231
Asset purchase5.00000
Creation Buffer Matsés Trade5.00000
Total costs 21.98115.8446.415
RESULT 12.3867.2411.258
Expenditures on Kambo Causes202020192018
Donations to Kambo Causes2.8613.0070
Prizes and Bursaries4.4004.0100
Provision Kambo Causes4.80001.000
Total Exp. on Kambo Causes 12.0617.0171.000
FINAL RESULT € 325€ 224€ 258

Explanation of the financial statements


The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the Netherlands.

Based on the Civil Code, the IAKP Foundation can be regarded as a small legal entity. Small legal entity may, provided that the board of the foundation has not decided otherwise, use several exemptions regarding the organization of the annual accounts. For example, it is not compulsory to publish a yearly report with the local Chamber of Commerce. In the spirit of transparency this report will be made available for our IAKP Practitioners.

Explanation of the Assets

€ 2.078

The receivables noted on the end of 2020 consist out of two outstanding invoices which were send out in December.

Bank Account 
€ 15.701

The foundation has a bank account with the Dutch Triodos Bank. Triodos Bank is one of the world’s leading sustainable banks. Their mission is to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.

Explanation of the Equity & Liabilities

Freely disposable equity 
€ 807

The IAKP foundation intents to spend a minimum of 75% of its result on Kambo Causes. The freely disposable equity is the accumulation of the yearly final results.

Provision for Kambo causes 
€ 7.000

The provision for Kambo causes consists for 2.200 euros out of a bursary of 2020 which was postponed to 2021. The other 4.800 euros was added to the provision as an allocation of the 2020 profit to a proposed field study for export legalization for the Matsés tribe. Kambo as a natural substance needs a special licence for export and this is a priority to ensure long term future supply of kambo.

The buffer for Matsés trade 
€ 5.000

In the past it has happened that shipments of Kambo have been lost. The buffer for Matsés trade has been created to offset the risk of a shipment getting lost and would enable the IAKP the cover that potential loss.

€ 1.267

These relate to costs of 2020 for which, on the 31th of December 2020, the invoices had been received yet still had to be paid.

Invoices to be received 
€ 4.174

These are invoices that relate to costs of 2020 and, on the 31th of December 2019, still had to be received.

Explanation of the income

Membership Fees 
€ 19.503

This income consists out of the yearly membership fees that the Kambo Practitioners pay to the IAKP Foundation. The total is lower than the amount of 2019, suggesting that a certain number of members decided not to renew then memberships. The management has investigated the reasons for this and as a response is incorporating the feedback and improving the functionality of the website.

€ 2.861

These are donations received in 2020. The donations have been regularly forwarded to Acaté Amazon Conservation, who are locally and actively improving the sustainable development of the Matsés tribe. In earlier years many of the practitioner donations were paid directly, since 2020 we have made it easier to donate via the website and for IAKP to group these donations and send them to Acaté Amazon Conservation.

IAKP Margin of Matsés trade 
€ 10.127

In 2020 the IAKP a signed an agreement with the Matsés. The aim of this agreement is to have a sustainable flow of high qualitaty Kambo for our practitioners and a steady flow of income for the Matsés which will be fairly divided amongst all members of tribe. The costs of the Matsés trade, 19.862 euro, consists for 90% out of the amount which was in 2020 directly paid to the chief of the Matsés. The other 10% are the cost of sending and shipping. Not included here are the related administration costs.

IAKP Margin of license fees 
€ 2.385

Since February 2020 the IAKP Foundation receives an annually increasing percentage of IAKP Training copyright fees. This percentage will grow to 100% over time.

Due to Corona virus and the limited amount of training courses that have run in the past year, this figure is lower than expected. However, we anticipate that this figure will increase substantially in the coming year and over the years to come.

Explanation of the costs

Support costs € 2.430

This concerns compensations to trustees for their work, support and costs made for the foundation in 2020. These compensations allow activities and projects to be undertaken and continued for the benefit of the foundation.

Management Fee’s 
€ 0

Until 2020 the work of the management has been voluntary. No fees to the management have been paid. Plans are to gradually start with the remuneration of management activities in 2021.

Administration costs 
€ 5.000

This concerns the fee for Utopian Finance for the year-round work on the administration and finance.

Office costs 
€ 1.043

These costs consist mostly out of office related and banking or transfer costs.

Website costs 
€ 3.154

Of which 2.371 euros for its maintenance and improvement. The rest of the costs are for hosting and related expenses.

Meeting Expenses 
€ 354

Due to the Corona virus it was not possible to arrange physical meetings. Therefore the large part of the meeting costs made in 2020 were for the renewal of Zoom.

Asset Purchase 
€ 5.000

This refers to the costs of the IAKP Assets purchased over 3 years commencing in 2020. The assets purchased here are the IAKP web domain, the email addresses, the membership lists, all practitioner documents, Codes and Guides but excluding training program (training program is separately taken over, see margin license fees), Songbook, Facebook groups, and the Master Practitioner program.

Creation Buffer Matsés Trade 
€ 5.000

This cost for 2020 refers to the creation of the buffer for Matsés trade. This buffer has been created to set off the risk of a shipment getting lost. This buffer would enable the IAKP the cover that potential loss.

Donations to Kambo Causes 
€ 2.861

In 2020 this amount has been donated to Acaté Amazon Conservation.

Prizes and Bursaries 
€ 4.400

In 2020 a training bursary has been granted to two individuals. One of which was postponed to 2021 due to corona related reasons.

Provision Kambo Causes 
€ 4.800

This amount was added to the provision of Kambo causes as an allocation of the 2020 profit to a proposed field study for export legalization for the Matsés tribe. Such a study will help the Matsés get a government-issued export certificate. It would need a thorough study of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor’s to find its behaviour, habitat, collection impact, mortality, etc. This is something that not only would provide invaluable scientific information regarding the frogs and their environment but would also be a stepping ladder towards formalizing the exportation process.

Utopian Finance

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