Donna distesa a letto con dolore alla schiena

Long Standing Sciatica and Kambo

Despite its initial un-pleasantness, Kambô is widely sought out to revitalize body and mind. One cannot but be constant awe of how Kambô systematically removes  blocks within the self allowing clients to be the best version of themselvs. The following is an articulate account by one of our IAKP practitioner’s client. The client is a highly experienced yoga teacher providing her account and success of a reset of her system on numerous levels.

Her willingness to meet the Kambo frog half way was greatly rewarded.  In her own words…

I am an Ashtanga yoga teacher and practitioner, and for the last month, have been experiencing sciatic pain on the left side of the body in the gluteus and hamstring areas. I have suffered from the same pain before and it reoccurs periodically in my life. Due to the pain, I have been feeling low and simply tired and have found my self wondering if the work that I am doing is too much for me. I am usually an energetic and vibrant person but something has been pulling me down.

I was clear in my intention with Kambo to heal what needs to be healed and thus willing to fully surrender to session. The actual session was intense, but I was guided through the rough by my Practitioner in a most gentle and supportive way. I felt a little weak immediately afterwards.

During the session, the Frog had moved heavy, dense energy around my left side honing in on an energetic block stemming from a traumatic jolt in the childhood. I could vividly remember that moment when I was later became  aware of the  insight from the Frog. The next morning at my Yoga practice I was pain-free. The restriction in my SI joint was gone along with the sciatic pain on my gluteus. I was utterly amazed and most grateful.

My physical condition improved during the week and I found myself stronger and more flexible in my practice, I gained a lot more stamina, my sleep has been really deep, and I would wake up before the alarm. The effects of the Kambo were immediate and profound. My senses were attenuated on all levels and the sort of ‘heaviness’ was gone. I thus decided to take a second session one week later on a new moon.

The second session was somewhat different from the first one.  On this occasion, entry points were on my back on the rear chakra points and a micro point on my right ear. The Kambo went deeper than the previous occasion.  I experienced a lot of sensations on my lower back and in the heart center. I yet again allowed the Frog to heal where it was needed.

After the session, another insight from my childhood occurred,  again accurate, something I had buried within the subconscious mind, and it was unblocked by the Frog. Immediately after the session, I was really energized, which was different than the first time.

I am still observing the improved changes from the second session. I am delighted to report a recenty major experience during my practice. I was doing deep backbends and for the first time in my life, I felt my heart center i.e thoracic spine move the way it never had. Simultaneously  I have experienced immeasurable gratitude about my life and the underlying sadness has been lifted away.

I am still in awe at how the Kambo Spirit can heal the physical as well as the mental and energetic body in this incredible way. I am so pleased that I have done it in the loving and professional hands of my practitioner.

What a transformational experience!

Jatta, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Dubai, June 2019