3d illustration of red colored lyme disease pathogens on red underground

Lyme Disease

By Nikki O'Malley

Advanced Kambô Practitioner

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and many co-infections. I had been sick for most of my life but now I had a name for what had been plaguing me.

This started a multi-year search for solutions. I started with oral antibiotics with a local specialist. I took oral antibiotics for years. My stomach was ripped apart. I couldn’t handle any more pills. I switched to a natural protocol but it was not strong enough to handle the massive infection from multiple vectors that I was battling. Within months I was bed ridden or in a wheelchair. I traveled all over to work with the top Lyme specialists in New York, Colorado, Florida, and Washington DC where I found Jemsek Specialty Clinic.

By the time I got to Jemsek Specialty Clinic I was so incapacitated and desperate that I was willing to do anything. We started an expensive and aggressive intravenous anti-biotic protocol. After a few years of this treatment there was some improvement- I no longer needed a wheelchair, I was able to speak without people wondering if I had a stroke, but I was still in immense pain.

I still couldn’t function a normal life- I was bed ridden most of the day and about to lose my job. This is when I heard about a woman who was effectively managing her Lyme with some crazy traditional tribal medicine from the Amazon…Kambô.

I was still so desperate I was willing to try anything.

I was cynical, I didn’t think it would be effective because nothing that the best of modern medicine had offered to me to date was life changing but, I felt compelled to walk through my fears. What did I have to lose?

I flew to Nevada and in the course of four days I did three Kambô treatments. By the end, I was shocked and so grateful that I truly felt the best I had in years.

My nerve pain was greatly reduced, the migraines that had EVERY SINGLE DAY for years were GONE, I had energy, my brain fog lifted, I felt passionate about my life again, I was happy for the first time in years, and I finally had hope for the first time that I could remember.

I knew then that this frog was going to play a major part in my life going forward.

After not being able to work for almost 3 years I was finally able to function and excel at my career.  It felt so good to be a worthy colleague to the wonderful people that supported me while I was fighting my war against Lyme.

I also knew that sharing this frog had to be part of my life. I started researching everything I could about Kambô. I quickly realized that I had to be well trained and certified to best be of service to others with Lyme or other people with physical, emotional, and spiritual obstacles to overcome. That is how I found the International Association of Kambô Practitioners (IAKP). Their training course was one of the most intense and enlightening experiences I had ever had.  

For decades I have been studying Biology, Chinese Medcine, Ayurveda, and nutrition.

Kambô was the perfect conduit to bring all of my studies together in the most effective way.

But Kambô is what really changed my life. It is an honor and a privilege to facilitate and bare witness when others find the same transformative benefits from Kambô.

I wanted to share some photos below that I think show the dramatic improvement in my life since finding Kambô.  🙏🐸🙏

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 22.27.23
Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 22.27.46