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My Experience Finding the Kambo Frog in the Peruvian Jungle

by Esther Kaijim

IAKP Master Practitioner

In September this year, I traveled from Bali to Europe to attend the Teacher Training Course and assist in Cyprus. After that, I decided it would be an excellent opportunity to try to get to the Amazonian jungle to meet our frog, lock-downs or not…Thus I planned to travel to Peru via Mexico in November. And after a week in Lima, I traveled to Iquitos to plan for the jungle entry.

Karen had told me that Kambô Frogs could be found in the Herrera region. I managed to locate a lovely lodge ran by two Englishmen who moved to the region four years ago. They have guests staying sometimes and organize jungle walks, and boat trips up the river to visit local communities, all in a very casual way.

The jungle guide they recommended (who went by the name Italo) also happened to work with Kambô. He finds the frogs, takes the secretion, and applies it to local people when sick. He was very happy to take me on a night walk into the forest to find the frogs. It was so special to hear the frogs calling once we got deep enough into the jungle. It took about a 3hour walk before we managed to spot two beauties sitting in amongst the jungle foliage. The Guiding Italo enthusiastically climbed into the tree to catch the two frogs and brought them down.

Oh, the moment I held our friends was truly magical! I felt such a welling up of love and blessings…. Wow!

We walked with the Frogs back to his house in the nearby village, and the following night he proceeded to show me how to harvest the medicine. This man has a beautiful connection to the frogs, and I am so grateful to have witnessed the process of milking the secretion. I witnessed first hand the frogs are in no way stressed or harmed. We then walked back to where we found them and released the beauties back home.

The next day I wanted to receive the fresh medicine from the frogs I had held and sat with the previous nights. Italo served me the Kambô, jungle style. All I can say is that I felt pure love, gratitude, and happiness!

Our Kambô Frogs are amazing magical creatures, and I feel so fortunate to have had this experience and carry their energy.

I wish you all magic for 2021.