One-to-One Kambo Training Courses

January 2024

One-to-One Basic Kambo Practitioner Training Courses UK

Become a Certified Kambo Practitioner with the International Association of  Kambo Practitioners Explore the transformative power of Kambo through our IAKP Basic Kambo Practitioner training courses designed for individuals and small groups. Led by renowned practitioner and teacher Bryan K Spirit, you will learn the foundational practices of IAKP Kambo. Whether you are starting your […]
01 Jan - 31 Dec
UK, Worldwide

One-to-One Basic Kambo Practitioner Training Courses For 2024, Worldwide

Esther Kaijim is an experienced Kambo teacher and practitioner who is available to provide private trainings worldwide upon request. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Esther is dedicated to sharing her skills and helping others develop their own abilities. Her private trainings offer a personalized and focused learning experience, allowing you to progress in […]
01 Jan - 31 Dec

One-to-One Basic Kambo Practitioner Training Courses Perú and Worldwide

José Luis, an IAKP Master Kambo practitioner from Peru, brings years of experience from California, Lima, and the Amazon rainforest to his private trainings, available worldwide upon request. These sessions are perfect for those seeking a personalized approach or with limited time. Tailored to fit your schedule and learning style, they offer the flexibility to […]
01 Jan - 31 Dec

One-to-One Basic Kambo Practitioner Training Courses, New York, US

Wendy Alyson is an experienced Kambo practitioner and a teacher offering One-to-One trainings in New York City and upstate in Davenport, NY. Trainings are tailored to fit your individual learning style and schedule and can be offered in a 10 day consecutive or a modular format. Wendy is passionate about empowering students to cultivate their […]
01 Jan - 31 Dec
NYC NY Davenport, US

One-to-One Basic Kambo Practitioner Training Courses Arizona, Mexico and Worldwide

Eduardo is an IAKP Master Kambo Practitioner and Teacher with many years of experience teaching adults at a university level. For several years he has been facilitating many ancestral medicines, practicing several healing modalities, and nurturing his relationship with the Spirit of the Frog. Eduardo offers One-to-One trainings in  Arizona, Mexico, and Worldwide in English, […]
01 Jan - 31 Dec
Arizona, Mexico and Worldwide
February 2024

One-to-One Basic Kambo Practitioner Training Courses UK and Worldwide

Andrew is available for 1-2-1 and small group private trainings. These trainings can take place near Colchester, Essex or Andrew can travel to you. Andrew, is an IAKP Master practitioner deeply immersed in the transformative world of Kambo since 2014. While his childhood inklings hinted at a calling to healing, his passion for the arts, […]
11 Feb - 31 Dec
UK, Worldwide

One-to-One Basic Kambo Practitioner Training Courses For London, UK and Worldwide

Luciano brings his knowledge and expertise offering private one-to-one IAKP Basic Kambo Partitioner Training Courses in both English and Italian language, suitable for students’ schedules and learning pace, focusing on bringing out their best potential. Courses are available in London area, all UK locations and Worldwide upon request. London, UK and Worldwide. Email: Website: […]
11 Feb - 31 Dec
UK, Worldwide

One-to-One Basic Kambo Practitioner Training Courses For France and Worldwide

Christel is available for 1-2-1 trainings in France or worldwide, in English preferably or in French. These trainings can take place near Saint Gaudens, France or Christel can travel to you. After travelling to Brazil and working with indigenous plant medicines she felt a calling for Kambo and since then her life has been dedicated […]
11 Feb - 31 Dec
France, Worldwide

One-to-One Basic Kambo Practitioner Training Courses Austria and California

I am an advanced Kambo practitioner, reiki master, mayan womb massage practitioner, certified Trauma specialist and I have a background in chinese medicine. I am passionate about healing and self realization, peace and inner freedom and I believe that a happy and healthy life is achievable for everyone. You will find me serving Kambo in […]
11 Feb - 31 Dec
Austria, California
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