Over the years, the creations and work of the IAKP have been much copied. Apart from the lack of integrity in those copying us, our main concern is about client safety and the reputation of Kambo itself.

Our 3×3 initiation ceremony is a perfect example of this.

The IAKP 3×3 was created by our founder. It is not a tribal initiation ceremony as some have wrongly sold it. The 3X3 was created to emulate a traditional tribal initiation ritual which acts as a transformational rite of passage for the future Kambo practitioner. The expectations that we have of a future practitioner are very different from those we have of a client.

The 3×3 was never intended to be used as a ceremony for the general public. As we explain in our training, we reserve this ritual for the very occasional experienced client who is healthy and strong in both mind and body. The ceremony is only ever offered 1:1 and never as a group because of safety concerns. In these circumstances, it can be used as a ritual to break through big blockages and to find answers to an overwhelming challenge, decision, or situation. This must never be facilitated by anyone who did not train directly with the IAKP.

To offer the 3×3 without undertaking IAKP practitioner training is an incredibly foolish and unnecessarily high risk action and we strongly advise members of the public to not participate in it. Without an in-depth and up to date understanding of how to work safely with this creation, clients are at risk. 

Although we cannot legally stop rogue organisations offering this as a treatment, anyone teaching this practice is aware that they are both breeching our copyrights and working in total misalignment with the spirit of our work. If someone other than a current IAKP Teacher (not practitioner) trained you in this technique then your training was neither ethical, safe or legitimate. You may not safely offer this treatment to others. At this time, there are no teachers outside the IAKP teaching team who are sufficiently competent or authorised to teach this technique.