This wonderful piece of artwork was created by the amazing Fleur Barnfather, a UK based artist who paints the most wonderful visionary art. You can see more of Fleur’s work, buy posters and cards and even commission your own work of art at
The Green Light Love painting was inspired by a dream in which our founder, Karen, was walking through the rainforest and found herself surrounded by Kambo frogs. She was bathed in sparkling green light that was shining out from a green heart suspended amongst the frog filled trees. Shortly after, she was moved to set up the IAKP and create the amazing family that we are today. Fleur has perfectly captured that moment.
The painting developed over a period of months as you can see from the slides below. Mixed in with the pigments are powdered Kambo, Rapé powders, Dragon’s Blood and Sananga eye drops. This infuses the painting with the same four Amazonian medicines that we use every day in our Kambo treatments giving it the most special energy.
We are immensely grateful to Fleur for her work!