The IAKP program

To date, the IAKP have trained over 320 practitioners around the world and we have a 97% retention rate. Our Basic Level Practitioner training program has been running for almost 5 years and was the first program of its kind, developed entirely in house. The program is constantly being updated with new information, knowledge and research outcomes. This is much more than a 2 week training course. It is the first step in a 3 year journey from basic practitioner to master practitioner.  It's an intense, experiential and traditional teaching and a challenging personal journey. Learning takes place within sacred circles where you will acquire and practice the art of giving Kambo to yourself and others. We honour both traditional and modern ways to give Kambo so you will receive teachings from tribal traditions as well as learning to work with meridians, chakras and auricular Kambo. However, we do not give shamanic initiations and although we employ shamanic tools in our work, we are not shamans. 

Throughout the entire training process, you will receive ongoing support and teachings, opportunities to assist more experienced practitioners and if you wish, your own personal mentor. Not everyone gets through the course but we do everything we can to support you to get through if we believe that being a practitioner is the right path for you. 

Every course we have run so far has received amazingly positive feedback from its participants. Our teaching team has grown from 1 to 6 and will continue to develop over the coming years. All our teachers have trained with us from the Basic level so they can all relate to the journey that a student takes. Our courses are currently taught in English and Polish but in 2019, we will roll out our basic practitioner course in Spanish, across Central and South America. In addition, we are currently offering all our practitioners, the opportunity to undertake an extension course in the Amazon jungle in Brazil or Peru where they can meet the frog and receive direct teachings from the tribes.

Why train with us?

As an IAKP Practitioner, you will benefit from the accumulated knowledge of the world's biggest Kambo family. We work within a Code of Practice, safety guidelines and voluntarily hold ourselves accountable through our complaints procedure. In addition to the above, you will have access to our Practitioner Forums, our enormous client Facebook group Kambo Tribe along with IAKP newsletters, fairly traded Kambo supplies and our new legal defence fund. In 2019, we will be offering IAKP Practitioners of Advanced Level and above, the opportunity to apply for research grants from the IAKP Foundation in the Netherlands.

As you can see, when you train with the IAKP, you're not just training to be a Kambo Practitioner, you're embarking upon a life-changing, journey that will challenge you, excite you and encourages personal growth, joy and freedom and best of all you get to support the tribes and communities living in the Amazon and not for profit organisations working in the Amazon.

Kambo Practitioner Basic Level (2 week Intensive + Modular)

2018 - UK - November 23rd - Dec 7th - FULL - Waiting List open. Please email: (
2018 - IAKP JUNGLE TRAINING EXTENSION (IAKP Practitioners only) - Booking NOW
2018 - PRIVATE TRAINING in La Palma, Canary Islands from February to April. Please email (
2019 - Australia - January - Booking OPEN - Please email: (
2019 - USA - March - Booking OPEN Please email:(
2019 - Ibiza - April 1st-14th - Booking OPEN. Please email: (
2019 - Poland - May 31st - June14th - Practitioner Training in POLISH - Please email Tomasz at ( 
2019 - UK - May - Booking OPEN Please email: (
2019 - Septiembre 6 al 20 - COLOMBIA -Reserva ABIERTA  Entrenamiento para practicante de Kamo en espanol. Por favor envie un email a (
2019 - USA - October - Booking OPEN (Please email:
2019 - USA and UK Modular Programs available from May onwards - info coming soon

Training of practitioners is an important development in the world of Kambo. Prior to the inception of the IAKP, training opportunities were hard to find and invariably involved travelling into the Amazon and finding a willing teacher. In 2018-2019 our training courses will take place in Australia, USA, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Ibiza, UK and Poland but we are happy to provide private training anywhere in the world for groups of 8-12 people. One to One training can also be arranged.

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The application of Kambo requires skill, knowledge, experience, integrity, responsibility, mindfulness and a deep understanding of this powerful medicine. A trained practitioner will know where, how much and how to treat you, if at all and they will have been trained in techniques that enable them to assess this. If there is a problem, they will know how to deal with this but they are also trained to minimize the possibility of problems and never go beyond the limits of their ability.

During the Kambo treatment there is a transfer of energy from the practitioner to you. The trained practitioner will understand how this process works and how to ensure that only clean and positive energy is passed on to you. Always check out your practitioners’ credentials and if you’re not 100% happy with both then think twice before allowing them to give you Kambo.

Another important consideration is aesthetics. Trained practitioners will have learnt techniques to enable them to make the access points on the skin, known as gates, with the minimum of pain and scarring. They will also understand the different types of points that are suitable for different parts of the body.

Finally, with a wealth of knowledge and experience that is acquired during and after their training, a properly trained practitioner will enable you to make the most of Kambo medicine on a physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic level. Environment, ability to hold sacred space and hold boundaries, energy transfer, knowledge of anatomy, meridians, chakras, acupressure points, treatments protocols and a deep connection to the spirit of the medicine born of self-practice will all inform, and elevate your Kambo experience. 

IAKP Practitioners have been trained to work within the boundaries of our code of practice. This means that you can be confident that our practitioners are safe people to be with and to take Kambo with.

They will not make sexual advances towards you, overstep privacy and personal space boundaries or ask you to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. They will not discuss your personal issues with your friends or family, any authority or with anyone else, however they may consult with their supervisor or teacher and with another trained practitioner if they feel that they would benefit from their knowledge and input in making decisions about your treatment. You can expect integrity, respect and confidentiality.