The IAKP Kambô Practitioner Program

To date, the IAKP have trained over 400 practitioners around the world and we have a 97% retention rate.

Our Basic Level Practitioner training program has been running for almost 5 years and was the first program of its kind, developed entirely in house.

The program is constantly being updated with new information, knowledge and research outcomes. 

This is much more than a 2 week training course. It is the first step in a 3 year journey from basic practitioner to master practitioner. 

 It’s an intense, experiential and traditional teaching and a challenging personal journey. Learning takes place within sacred circles where you will acquire and practice the art of giving Kambo to yourself and others.

We honour both traditional and modern ways to give Kambo so you will receive teachings from tribal traditions as well as learning to work with meridians, chakras and auricular Kambo. However, we do not give shamanic initiations and although we employ shamanic tools in our work, we are not shamans. 

Throughout the entire training process, you will receive ongoing support and teachings, opportunities to assist more experienced practitioners and if you wish, your own personal mentor.

Not everyone gets through the course but we do everything we can to support you to get through if we believe that being a practitioner is the right path for you.

Every course we have run so far has received amazingly positive feedback from its participants. Our teaching team has grown from 1 to 8 and will continue to develop over the coming years.

In 2020, we will add 6 more teachers to our team. All our teachers have trained with us from the Basic level so they can all relate to the journey that a student takes.

Our courses are currently taught in English and Spanish. In 2021, we will roll out our basic practitioner course in Polish and German. In addition, we are currently offering all our practitioners, the opportunity to undertake an extension course in the Amazon jungle in Brazil or Peru where they can meet the frog and receive direct teachings from the tribes.

Why train with us?

As an IAKP Practitioner, you will benefit from the accumulated knowledge of the world’s biggest Kambô family.

We work within a Code of Practice, safety guidelines and voluntarily hold ourselves accountable through our complaints procedure. 

In addition to the above, you will have access to our Practitioner Forums, our enormous client Facebook group Kambo Tribe along with IAKP newsletters, fairly traded Kambo supplies. As we move forward and grow, we will be offering IAKP Practitioners of Advanced Level and above, the opportunity to apply for research grants from the IAKP Foundation in the Netherlands.

As you can see, when you train with the IAKP, you’re not just training to be a Kambo Practitioner, you’re embarking upon a life-changing, journey that will challenge you, excite you and encourages personal growth, joy and freedom and best of all you get to support the tribes and communities living in the Amazon and not for profit organisations working in the Amazon.

Training participants in the UK