Advanced Kambo Practitioner Training Course, Iquitos, Peru, TBC

Dates to be confirmed. Please register your interest with Esther at kambomoves@gmail.com

Embark on an extraordinary journey of advanced training in Iquitos, Peru, where you will have the opportunity to meet the mystical Kambo frog. This immersive 8-day course, offers a unique energy and a more relaxed approach compared to the Basic course. Throughout the training, we will cover a wide range of topics, including energetic and intuitive techniques with Kambo, treating depression, anxiety, nervous system diseases, mental health issues, and alcohol and drug addiction. Additionally, we will explore creating treatment plans for cancer clients and learn new techniques in the traditional Matses style of working with Kambo. The course will culminate in a captivating night walk into the jungle on the 7th day, where you will have the privilege of meeting Robinson, a member of the Matsés tribe.

To participate in this advanced training, a minimum of 18 months of experience as an IAKP Basic Kambo practitioner is required. As part of the preparations, each participant must bring two case studies showcasing their work with clients who have experienced physical, emotional, or energetic health issues.

Please email kambomoves@gmail.com to book your spot, confirming that you meet the prerequisites and sharing your Kambo practice journey thus far.


Jan 01 2024 - Dec 31 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Iquitos Peru


Esther Kaijim
Esther Kaijim
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